Ketogenic Diet Recipes – Let’s Talk About Chocolate

I’m sure you’re all going to simply LOVE today’s info below since it focuses on one of those guilty pleasures we all have difficulty turning down which is…. Chocolate!

For so called “normal” diets, chocolates would have been a BIG no no but with the Keto diet we can make some adjustments and substitutes to make some amazing chocolate recipes guilt free!

So I present you all today with some of the most amazing ketogenic diet recipes for chocolate desserts that I found that are indeed guilt free and low carb friendly.

Katie’s Ketogenic Chocolates

“These chocolates are part of a keto snack Katie has every night. They are served with yogurt, cheese, or several other options to get to a 4:1 ratio. They are made with half butter, half coconut oil, with just enough cocoa powder and Sweet & Lo to flavor. They are a great way to get lots of fat into a ketogenic diet in a form that she loves.”

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Chocolate Sponge Cake – with Almond Flour

Ketogenic Diet Recipes   Lets Talk About Chocolate

“Very quick and easy to bake, this chocolate sponge cake will not set back your ketogenic diet efforts – a square has only 2.7g net carbs!”

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Chocolate Merengue Cookies – Paleo and Keto Friendly

Ketogenic Diet Recipes   Lets Talk About Chocolate

“I like having healthy sweet treats in the house, it helps with satiating cravings while keeping me and the fam on our plan. This past weekend I made a batch of chocolate merengue cookies and they disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared! Luckily since they are only about 15 Cal each and 1.5g Carb that wasn’t a bad thing.”

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Chocolate Fudge

Ketogenic Diet Recipes   Lets Talk About Chocolate

“For now I bring you chocolate fudge. I have two slightly different recipes, both equally enjoyable. The first (with dark chocolate) is dense and heavy, and dryer than the other recipe. When I eat it all I can think is “this would go really well with a glass of milk.”

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This is another reason why I simply love the Keto diet not only am I able to feast on bacon and all those fatty foods I love but I can also enjoy a slice or two of some of these amazing chocolate recipes.

So go for it and enjoy. Yum!

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